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For the executive who loves fine wine, not to mention impressing the be-jabbers out of your guests, this great tool allows you to open a young or full wine and enjoy it right away, without having to decant it or let it breathe. I liked this product so much, I became a distributor.

Wine experts agree that The Wine Clip can enhance the taste of wine, making it smoother, less bitter and more refined. What once took years of aging now takes seconds. 

The Wine Clip 


plus Tax, Shipping and Handling

To order, send your request to wineclip@xecsolutions.com

Simply attach The Wine Clip to the neck of your wine bottle and pour. Instantly, you'll experience:

A smoother, less-tannic taste
A more pleasant aroma
A more enjoyable wine experience

When wine passes through a magnetic field, a physical change occurs. The magnetic field has an effect on tannins which are suspended in the wine. The tannins are broken down into smaller tannins. We believe that the taste of many small tannin molecules is smoother than the taste of fewer large tannin molecules.