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About Us

XEC Solutions is an established leader in search and recruiting. Since 1979, we have filled hundreds of management and professional positions across a broad spectrum of industries and disciplines.
While XEC Solutions is based in California, we have a reputation that attracts the best professional and management talent nationwide. Our success is built on professionalism, performance and an understanding of the critical factors that make a search successful.
Here is a brief explanation of what we do for you, how we do it and why you can rely on XEC Solutions, a different kind of recruiting firm.
What makes us different
Every important phase of your search is handled by your Account Executive, a specialist in your industry. That includes assistance in development or analysis of your job description, research, initial candidate contact, reference checks and follow up. When every candidate contact is made on a peer-to-peer, professional-to-professional level, you can be assured that no qualified prospect will fall through the cracks.
The fact that your XEC Solutions recruiter is a specialist in your field means that we are networked with candidates who are not posting their resumes to job boards or answering ads. These are usually currently employed professionals who are successfully performing in positions compatible with your needs. They are, however, available to us when we present the right opportunity.
With these connections and over 25 years experience in executive search, we’ve learned that it doesn’t take months to identify and screen candidates. In fact, if you provide clear and reasonable job specifications, you can expect to interview highly appropriate candidates within a short time, often within a week or two.
In addition, we have developed a technique called Critical Values Analysis that gives you unique insights into intangible factors that can affect the success of a hire. Critical Values Analysis takes you beyond skills and personal chemistry to assist you and our candidates in learning how well your association will work. Of course, you get the benefit of this insightful tool as a routine part of the search process.
In short, we earn our fees by doing what you cannot do readily on your own— provide the best qualified prospects, not just the best candidates who might be currently looking.
Interview at our place, not yours
XEC Solutions maintains handsomely appointed private interview rooms in each of our offices where many of our client companies prefer to conduct initial interviews in complete privacy.
The advantages of this service are considerable. You get away from phones and other distractions and interruptions in your office. You can see several qualified candidates in a relatively short time. Comparisons can be made more readily while your impressions are fresh, and you are relieved of the obligation of having to give a "Cook's tour" of your facilities to every candidate interviewed.
You then decide which candidates best fit your company, and invite them for final, in-depth interviews at your office.
Let our professionals find your professionals
The advantages of working with XEC Solutions are considerable. You save hours and hours of valuable time. We can find more qualified candidates in less time than you can. Our search process is so effective that the recruited candidates you finally interview represent the best possible talent available. And we follow through in the negotiating and transition phase, while the whole process remains confidential.
Let us show you how valuable our service can be. We're convinced that once we have completed a recruiting assignment for you, you will always want to let our professionals find your professionals.

Our Professionals


Michael Schulman - President and CEO

Michael Schulman has over 25 years of search experience in the consumer products industry, with a specialization in the Health and Beauty Aid and Nutritional industries.  He has also extensive experience in working with clients in exotic fields like genetic engineering and rocket propulsion.  He has successfully completed hundreds of assignments, and focuses on recruiting outstandingly qualified candidates to fill a wide array of positions for client companies. Excelling in the placement of Executive, Technical, Administrative, and Sales/Marketing positions, Michael has helped build many client companies. Large consumer product companies to small contract manufacturing organizations, have attested to Michael's expertise. These firms include nationwide industry leaders as well as start-up/venture capital backed firms.

Prior to creating XEC Solutions, Michael was Chief Operating Officer of Search West, the largest West Coast based executive search firm.  Michael earned his BA in Psychology and did his graduate work in Educational Psychology, specializing in Counseling and Guidance. His seven years of counseling experience combined with his background in search, aided him in developing an evolutionary resource in candidate/client matching called Critical Values Analysis.  CVA allows candidates and clients to match up based on a carefully developed hierarchy of values and activities that demonstrate those values.  The benefit of CVA is that through it’s use, companies can hire employees that stay longer, produce more results, are more loyal, and are happier members of their team.

In addition to Critical Values Analysis, Michael is adept at helping his clients establish a “Superior Performance Profile” in the development of position descriptions.  The Superior Performance Profile defines the top performer as opposed to the adequate performer that most job descriptions describe. The benefit to you is that these new employees will outperform those that you hired under the old style of candidate evaluation.  Superior performance means, more profit and faster results.

Mary Lindenmuth - Department Manager
Mary has been a  manufacturing and services specialist since 1985. She was Account Executive of the Year for the Orange office in 1995, '96, '97, '98, and 2000, and is a member of the President's Club. Mary also won the Lachrymosity Award in 1998 for " . . . achieving success by dint of blood and sweat and accepting accolades by dint of copious tears."
Mary excels in recruiting a full spectrum of skilled professionals in the areas of manufacturing/engineering, sales/marketing, accounting, and distribution.

Her keen ability to match people to the chemistry of an organization as well as to the job description prompted one CFO at a well-known firm to confirm:
"Mary has gotten to know my company," he states. "She has read it well. That's why I use her exclusively now . . . she doesn't waste my time with inferior candidates."
Job seekers as well respect Mary's professionalism. "I appreciate her attention to detail," said one recently placed President. "Mary gave me valuable data in between my interviews and coached me through the entire placement process."

When not recruiting, Mary enjoys singing, spending time with her family, and traveling. She maintains, however, that recruiting is her passion. "I love recruiting," Mary says. "I can reach out and in some way help everyone who comes into my path. I also love the company I work for.  XEC Solutions is a wonderful group of people.  When she identifies and recommends a candidate, her clients know that the prospect comes thoroughly evaluated and well matched.