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Partial Client/Placement List

Position Title                                            Company                                                                                 

Accounting Manager                                     Fred Hayman Beverly Hills


Chief Financial Officer                                 Aware Products


Chief Science Officer                                   Leiner Health Products


Compounding Manager                              Jafra Cosmetics, PCA/PAC, Bocchi 


Controller                                                       FWO, Lubricating Specialties


Customer Service Manager                       Jafra Cosmetics 


Director of Education                                   International Dermal Institute


Director of Manufacturing                            PCA/PAC, Bermite, IEE, OPI, Aware Products


Director of Marketing                                    Vidal Sassoon, Dermalogica


Director of Operations                                 Fred Hayman Beverly Hills


Director of Project Management                Packaging Advantage Corp.


Director of Purchasing                                Giorgio Parfum


Director of Quality Assurance/RA              PAC, Neutrogena, Bocchi, Jafra, Color Factory, Stanford, OPI, Herbalife


Director of Sales/Marketing                        Westwood Laboratories, Cosway Company, Aware Products


Engineer, Industrial                                     Neutrogena


Engineer, Distribution                                 Neutrogena


Engineering Manager                                 Special Devices


General Manager/Managing Director       Bocchi Labs, Sembiosys, Paragon


Financial Analyst                                          Jafra Cosmetics


Inventory Control Manager                         PCA/PAC


Key Account Sales Manager                      International Specialty Products


Manufacturing Manager                              Nutrilite Products, Bermite


Marketing Manager                                      Vidal Sassoon, Jafra, Leiner, Dermalogica, Max Factor, Neutrogena


Marketing Coordinator                                Aware Products


Materials Manager                                       St. Ives Laboratories, Richlife


Microbiologist                                               Jhirmack, Vidal Sassoon, Wm. T. Thompson, Banner Gelatin


National Sales Manager                             AGI Packaging, Lubricating Specialties


Packaging Engineer                                    Neutrogena


Packaging Manager                                     PCA/PAC


Personnel / HR Manager                            Amgen


Personnel Administrator                            Jafra Cosmetics


Plant Manager                                              The Color Factory


Process Engineer                                        Neutrogena, Narmco, PCA/PAC, Bermite


Product Marketing Manager                        Leiner (Bodycology)


Production  Planner                                      Max Factor, PCA/PAC, OPI


Production Manager                                     Maurry Biological, Richlife, PCA/PAC, The Color Factory


Production Scheduler                                  OPI


Production Supervisor                                 Avon, Aelco, PCA/PAC


Project Manager                                            PAC


Purchasing Agent                                         St. Ives, Jafra Cosmetics, Neutrogena, The Color Factory, OPI


Purchasing Manager                                   Sebastian International, Richlife


Quality Assurance Manager                       St. Ives, Max Factor, Stanford Personal Care, Alterna, PAC, Richlife, OPI


Quality Control Chemist                              Bocchi Labs, Vidal Sassoon, OPI


Quality Control Lab Manager                      Abbott Laboratories, Shiley Labs, Baxter


Quality Engineering Manager                     Neutrogena, Shiley Laboratories


Quality Engineer                                            PAC


R&D Analytical Chemist                              Neutrogena


R&D Chemist/Formulator                           Plus-Mill Creek, Bocchi Labs,Vidal Sassoon, Jafra Cosmetics 


R&D Formulation Group Leader                Shaklee, Nurture, Neutrogena


R&D International Specialist                      Max Factor


R&D Manager                                                Richlife, Mill Creek, Bocchi Labs, Naturade


R&D Process Development Scientist       Jafra Cosmetics


Regional Sales Manager                             PCA/PAC


Sales Representative                                    Richardson-Vicks/Plus-Mill Creek


Technical Services Chemist/Manager      Vidal Sassoon, Herbalife


Transortation/Distribution Manager         Neutrogena, Freeman Cosmetics, Avon


Validation Manager                                        Shiley Labs


Vice President Distribution                           Neutrogena


Vice President Engineering                         Air Packaging Technologies, Bermite


Vice President Materials                               Neutrogena


Vice President Operations                           Richlife, St. Ives, KC Pharmaceuticals, PAC


Vice President Quality Assurance               Neutrogena


Vice President R&D                                       Richlife, The Color Factory, Whittaker, OPI


Vice President Sales                                     Air Packaging Technologies, California Tan


Warehouse Manager                                    Giorgio Parfum, Neutrogena



Dear Michael:


I have used a variety of search firms over the past 20 years to assist in the hiring of senior managers.  I can say without qualification that my experience with you in hiring a Managing Director was by far the best I have ever had in this regard.  From the definition of the job requirements to the final negotiations, You consistently provided outstanding service on a timely basis.


We had expected that we would be lucky if we were to identify even two qualified candidates.  You identified over half a dozen outstanding candidates and anyone of the three finalists would have been more than suitable for the position.  The fact that you were able to do so within our budget constraints was especially impressive. 


Beyond the mechanics of the search, your advice and guidance was invaluable.  I look forward to working with you and your colleagues in future recruiting efforts.  


Thanks again for all your help and assistance.



SemBioSys Genetics Inc.

Andrew Baum

President and Chief Executive Officer

Dear Mike,
I want to express my sincere gratitude for the exceptional work you have done for Packaging Advantage Corporation during the past six months. Based on that work, I enthusiastically recommend XEC Solutions as an effective partner in the ever critical area of management recruiting.
As you know, XEC conducted four searches for PAC in the following functional areas:
Vice President of Manufacturing
Quality Engineer
Project Manager
Production Manager
For each of these searches, XEC listened intently to the position requirements and promptly found a number of highly qualified candidates. Your team provided thorough background research and did not waste our time with unqualified candidates or meaningless paperwork. Each of these searches was completed in a timely manner and the successful candidates have proven to be high caliber contributors to our efforts at PAC.
Ultimately that is the measure of a recruiting firm, and the results speak for themselves! XEC performed exceptionally well and found the right people for each of the positions. Based on these results, PAC will continue to be a key partner in the future.
Again, thank you for the results!
Mark Kopaskie
President and CEO

OPI Testimonial