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solidly beats the competition!



The 74 seconds it takes to read this might change your firm’s destiny.


How do you get to see the above headline in your industry trade journal?  Better yet, wouldn’t you like to see it in the Wall Street Journal?  The secret is that there is no secret to business success.  All other things being equal, the four Ps determine outcome. The team with the best product, plan, passion and players generally wins. While the plan, product, and passion elements are in your control, acquiring the best players has been, and will, be the most critical and difficult objective for executives at competitive companies like yours to deal with. 


Announcing the solution to that problem. 


XEC Solutions, Inc. is a leading authority in executive acquisition.  With over 25 years experience, we are not a “personnel agency.”  We are executive bounty hunters and strategic planning partners.  We are a tool for the proactive executive intent on winning the talent race.  Since it is the executive’s personal responsibility to make sure his/her company has the best ROI, we work directly with executives to assure their mission is carried out.


There is nothing passive about who and what we are.  When you decide you want a bigger piece of the pie, we get you the people that can bring it home.  Whether it is a key senior management executive or a key individual contributor that will make a difference in your organization, we give you the edge it takes to acquire the best of the best.


We are not for everyone, and that’s ok.  We like being an “in your face,” high-energy business solution that will challenge your old beliefs and show you a way to take control of getting just what you want. We don’t play by others’ rules; we make the rules that assure a win for you, our client.


To learn more about some of the exciting ways XEC Solutions, Inc. can help you eat your competition’s lunch, just go to the Contact Us section of our website and send us a message saying, “Tell me more.” Give us the best way to reach you and we will contact you promptly to demonstrate how XEC Solutions, Inc. can be your ace in the hole.